Noun – a coloured fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating.

Here at Ink we’ve stripped everything back, focusing on simplicity and pure aesthetics.
We combine the beauty of nature, with distinct flavours and rich textures, sourcing fresh produce locally within the East End of London.
Headed by Chef Martyn Meid, Ink was established in April 2014.
Originating from a small port town, Martyn  has mastered the craft of  Nordic cuisine, having a unique approach to curing, pickling and smoking meat and fish.­­­­
The menu is developed along with the season, Martyn’s uses of ingredients create exceptional dishes both in taste and presentation.
Celebrating the  true beauty of ingredients Martyn manipulates them to create enticing dishes found on the menu, including 148h salted cod topped with tomato textures, in which he dehydrates and smokes the tomatoes, served alongside confit potatoes drizzled with lemon oil.
The true concept of Ink lies in the definition, each dish has an artistic element to it,  Martyns philosophy in his approach to each dish is to connect people with space, plate and emotion.